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01/09/18 by Jennifer T. Keller

Six Things to Consider if an Agent has a

Six Things to Consider If An Agent “Has a Buyer For Your Home” “I might have a buyer for your house…” is the real estate agent’s equivalent to a cheesy pick-up line at a bar.  But it’s meant to break the ice with a “FSBO”.  The key word in that sentence is “might”.  If the agent “might”... More >

07/25/17 by Jennifer T. Keller

4 Mistakes when selling your home

Mistakes are inconvenient and expensive; but they also have value, in hindsight.  The value of a mistake is the opportunity to learn from it.  Whether it’s knowing what to NOT order at a restaurant or how to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the way to work, there was likely a time when you, or someone had to learn these the hard way.  This is especially true when it... More >

07/25/17 by Jennifer T. Keller

Types of Mortgages

Mortgages can be a lot like ordering off of a menu at a restaurant; you have a lot of options.  Just as you can order a steak to your liking, rare, medium, etc., and choose from a variety of salads and sides, there are different types of mortgages available to meet your needs as well.  There are pros and cons to each type of mortgage, but understanding what each of them... More >

05/22/17 by Jennifer T. Keller

Why Credit Scores are so important and how to improve them

Until 1993, mortgage lenders traditionally relied on underwriters to determine the worthiness of a borrower. This process would take weeks and sometimes months to approve a borrower. In today's fast paced market, lenders want to be able to make decisions with 24 hours, if possible.  Enters the credit scoring process. Credit scoring is a numeric way of weighing financial factors,... More >

09/19/16 by Jennifer T. Keller

Check out my cool App

MY MOBILE APP - Love to search while driving around your favorite neighborhoods? My mobile app is designed for searching on-the-go: Scope/Augmented Reality: Point smartphone's or tablet's camera to search listings Journey: GPS search from location Perimeter: Use finger to search by drawing a circle on the map See for yourself! I invite you to... More >

06/23/16 by Jennifer T. Keller

Happy Sellers!

Congratulations to my dear friends Mr Ronnie & Mrs Jeanne on selling their meticulously built home. I know you will enjoy your next journey! Congrats to Mr Kim on selling that majestic lot in Folsom. And Congrats to Mr. Bob Rathe for purchasing it. I can't wait to see the house once its built! Congrats to the secret buyer on this conveniently located,... More >

04/18/16 by Jennifer T. Keller

Features that can sell your home faster

Homes with These Features Sell Up to 13 Percent More and 60 Days Faster   RISMEDIA, Monday, April 18, 2016— Why do some homes sell for a premium? In addition to timing, a home's listing description can have a significant impact on its final sale price. Listings mentioning keywords like "barn door," "shaker cabinets" or... More >

02/18/16 by Jennifer T. Keller

Open this Sunday Feb 21

2 Beautiful Homes Open this Sunday! Open from 12:00-2:00   118 Glenwood Harahan, La $695,000 Open from 1:00-3:00 101 Country Club New Orleans, La *New Price* $499,000 More >

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